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Shalom, y'all!
Welcome to my website.

I'm Sheya, and I'll be your host. :<)


I hope what you'll find
here will be thought-provoking

~ and not TOO silly

~ well, maybe a touch silly here and there...


Maranatha! Jesus is coming SOON!

A Recent Thought

All the machinations in the world will come to nothing, for the plans of man ever fall through. But when the LORD opens a door, who can close it?

(And yet we can still mess it up, if we won't go through the door!)

My Interests

Some of the things I am interested in:


The Quiverfull Lifestyle (I have 7 kids)


Widowhood ('cause I am)


Christian Dream Interpretation


(see a pattern here?)

Headcovering - 1 Cor 11

All together now! - Jesus!

Oh - and Jesus...

And another...

Unexamined beliefs are not truly beliefs;
they are assumptions.
I need to know that I know -
else my foundation is not solid,
and I may crumble.

More thoughts like these on
the Ruminations page.

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Every death of self,
is more room for Jesus in you.

Est. 22 July 2003 - Sheya Joie Yonathi