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That's not the name I was born with
Sheya Joie is my pen name. The full thing is Sheya Joie Yonathi. Yeah, that's unusual!

Sheya is pronounced with the "ey" like in the word "obey." Joie is just the word joy spelled differently. Yonathi is Hebrew, and means "my dove" - like in Song of Solomon 2:14. I pronounce it "yoh NAHTH ee."

(Which explains why I've got doves all over my site!)

Where I'm from
I was raised going to church, keeping all the rules - a fine little Pharisee. But when I got to be 16, I found that I couldn't hold it all together on my own. The thing that really tore it for me was the day I said, "Oh, Lord!" in front of my Sunday School teacher.

Yeah, so horrible! But I knew that to her, that was swearing.

It was soon after that that all the stuff about Jesus that I'd been cramming into my head all my life finally made it from my head to my heart. I got SAVED.

Marriage, and Widowhood
I prayed the next 11 years for the LORD to send me a husband. In the meantime, I was on the Man Hunt myself - guess what! It don't work that way!

After spending all that time getting my heart set on one guy or another - setting my own self up to get hurt - I finally said, "Look, LORD, when he shows up, let me know."

Three weeks later, Larry walked into my life. Two weeks later, he proposed - and I accepted. Four months after that, we were married.

We had nearly 14 years together, and were blessed by the LORD with 7 children. Then Larry got sick. After about a month of that, I overheard him talking in his sleep one day - he was saying, "Hallelujah! Praise YOU, Father!" And I thought, he must be feeling better.

Three hours later, I walked through the bedroom where (I thought) he was sleeping and into our bathroom. While I was in there, I heard a voice, clear as day, saying, "Better check on Larry; perhaps he's dead."

So I did, and he was.

And then I understood what I had overheard. He was feeling better, all right. He was feeling better than any of us here could - he was already halfway home to Heaven, and rejoicing before the Throne of GOD.

Hallelujah indeed! Larry sees the Face I long to look on, and I'm going there, too!

Heaven is a wonderful place - hope to see you there.